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The first IAPCO EDGE Seminar of 2018 will be held in Florence, Italy organized by OIC Group.

OIC Group is an IAPCO PCO headquartered in Florence, Italy. We have been at the forefront of the meetings industry serving our clients for over four decades, providing innovative services and solutions on an international scale. Our strength is rooted in this solid history as premier event organizers and designers for major healthcare events, conferences and meetings for both associations and pharma & device companies.

We strive to stay a step ahead - whether its mastering the latest technologies to support our innovative ideas for event design, attending trainings on the latest in project management, or developing new skills to better support a client’s international projects. Our group is made up of over 100 multi-lingual and experienced individuals, and to ensure we provide our clients with the best in innovation and know-how, each team member participates in our internal professional development program. The program, WIN ‘We Improve Nowadays’, was developed to ensure each team member receives continuous educational opportunities and training. We look forward to promoting the importance of education and exchange by hosting the IAPCO EDGE Florence seminar.